Business segments

Our business model is based on vertical integration of its value chain encompassing inputs into the production process, crop farming and flour mill segments and sales activity. The Company's crop farming segment provides wheat for own flour mill operations. Other crops such as barley, soya and buckwheat we sell to international traders and our domestic customers. Own elevator and storage capacities give us the opportunity to sell our harvest within the period of maximal prices.

Flour production segment
Within the flour production business segment the Group operates two flour mills located in Rozsosha village, Chmielnicki region, where it produces wheat and rye flour, from raw crops both purchased from suppliers as well as harvested internally by the Company. Chmielnicki Mlyn is the largest modern flour mill complex in the region with production capacity 100 tons per day of wheat flour and 60 tons per day of rye flour. Our wheat and rye flour are sold to local and national bakeries, retail chains and also directly to individual clients.

Crop farming segment
The crop farming business segment of the Group consists mainly of the lease of land, crop production and harvesting. Our crop mix consists of wheat, barley, rye, buckwheat and soy. From the very beginning of its activity we are focused on the operational aspect of the business, in particular profitability increase. Our crops are sold to international grain traders and domestic B2B customers.