A result of the negotiations involving investment for enterprise development.


Management of Chmielnicki Mlyn PLC have passed the decision to attract investment;

Starting construction of new elevator complex, designed for 25,000 tons total storage capacity. The construction of first silos was completed on 15th September;

In June modernization of seed complex for preparing qualitative seed materials was completed by installment of Italian drying equipment Strall and Polish reservoirs Ferum for 1000 tons;

Start of cooperation program with international grain traders on financing of future crops production;

The number of personnel - 180 workers, machinery fleet – 40 trucks, 6 harvesters, 4 tractors and around 60 units of equipment.


Land bank expansion to 20,000 hectares.


Implementation of own seed production facilities.


Installation of drying equipment Sukup (USA) with capacities of 52 tons/hour; constructions of 3 silos with storage capacities 1500 tons;

Chief executive officer of ChmielnickiMlyn Vasyl Baryluk was expressed the gratitude from the Prime-minister of Ukraine.


Start of crop farming, as a new business segment of the Group

Lease of starting 5,000 hectares of virgin lands;

Purchase of new agricultural machineryof world known brands, formation of high-performance machinery fleet for crop farming operations;

Our first harvest;

Personnel expansion to 130 workers and machinery fleet expansion to 20 trucks;

Start of flour mill products export;

ChmielnickiMlyn was awarded by Diploma of international popularity “Gold Fortune”.


Expansion of assortment of packed flour mill products.


Launch of rye flour mill with production capacity 60 tons per day;

Expansion flour sales geography to Western regions of Ukraine.


Starting by-products production with volume capacity of 30 tons per day;

Management team was awarded for Company’s achievements with honorary diploma from regional state administration.


Signing the agreements with international grain traders and financing of grain purchase for flour production.


Launching second grain elevator for 12,000 tons;

Regional state administration of Chmielnick has awarded Vasyl Baryluk, CEO of Chmielnicki Mlyn with Diploma for his contribution into development of Ukraine.


Construction of new wheat flour mill with production capacity 100 tons per day.


The Company's business was started by Mr.Vasyl' Barylyuk in Chmielnicki region, Ukraine. Modernization of grain elevator for 11,000 tons. From the start the Company employed 23 workers and owned machinery fleet of 4 trucks;

Start of flour sales in Chmielnicki region.