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Agreement with the international grain trader

In mid March the Company has signed a commercial agreement with the international grain trader, the Company’s long-term partner. According to this contract CMG has received advance payment in the amount of UAH 5 million for sale of the harvest in FY 2011/2012. The partners have already cooperated under such agreements in 2010 and 2011. The money will be used for sowing campaign. This agreement is not a forward contract, any crops prices and volumes are set for sale, CMG will be flexible in setting prices in fall 2012.

Such cooperation proofs CMG’s position as a reliable partner with its customers.

Baker Tilly Ukraine has completed audit

Baker Tilly Ukraine, a member of internationally known network of auditing firms, has completed audit of IFRS statements of Chmielnicki Mlyn Group.

Сonstruction of a new silo

In January 2012 the Company started construction of a new silo for 6 250 tons which will be completed in June this year before the harvest.

CMG’s management is focused on increase of own storage capacities as agricultural holdings who own storage capacities are more competitive in crops pricing and can receive additional revenues from storage of third parties’ crops. Moreover, construction of additional storages is part of the Company’s strategy on introduction of maize - new crop for the CMG. Maize in Ukraine gives very good yields (Ukraine is No.2 world’s largest maize exporters) but requires significant storage capacities.

Taking into account capacities of silo built in September 2011 and the one which is in progress total storage capacity of CMG will reach 48 500 tons by the harvest season.

New publications in media

New publications about us in mass media